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urban greening 

Many city centres lack heterogeneous programmes, resulting in the relocation of citizens to the periphery and, therefore, the deterioration of the public space. A strengthening of the disposable voids, combined with the attraction of clean industries can avoid the creation of homogeneous cities, offering at the same time a natural environment and an urban context.


The site is an isolated fragment of approximately 3Ha in the centre of Madrid, located in between three mainly residential districts and next to an important urban junction.


The project combines a big green open space in the middle of the site with a dense hybrid program around it. As the price per square meter in this area is high, the proposal offers a financially feasible solution using vegetation as a commercial and economic offer. The green oasis not only has a positive impact on air and water quality and health, but it also takes advantage of successive production cycles of the vegetation with a new factory (and an annex shop) of trees, plants and flowers.

Date: 2008

Program: Urban greening and economic catalyst in Madrid.

2nd Prize Holcim Awards for sustainable construction. 

Javier Morales Prize

Next Generation.

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