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the dome

With the reconstruction of the Anspachlaan, the boulevard will be given to the pedestrians. With this strategy, the city of Brussels wants to give the city centre an economic, cultural, social and commercial boost. The stately Hausmanian buildings along the boulevard, often with corner towers, will be part of this new cityscape.


The project of The Dome, a building of 20,000 m2, originally built as a grand magasin and later transformed into an office building, wants to focus on a new urbanity. The refurbishment will house a balanced mix of retail, restaurants, cafes, a training centre, co-working and co-living.


The stacked program is connected by a large central atrium. By opening the atrium to the corner of the building and making the circulation in the façades visible, the program is turned inside out and the internal urbanity is given a face into the public space. 


Competition: First Prize

ProgramRetail co-working, co-living.

Clients: Vervoordt re, VDD Project Development.

Surface: 20.000 m²

icw Coussée & Goris Architecten.

Team: Stabiliteitsbureau Mouton, Technieken HP Engineers, EPB DUSS, Acousitcs Blasco


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