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The Urtinsa-A industrial area in Madrid, was characterized by frontal strips of 10 meters. Today these strips have been cut out to allow the growth of the companies and/or to give the warehouses a face to the street.


The client, a textile company, also decided to expand the existing building by adding offices and loading and unloading areas. The company wanted to make maximum use of the available facades. The project starts from a compact volume consisting on two floors with a loading and unloading zone on either side. The awnings extend out to the plot boundaries. This gesture has a double intention.


Today, the adjacent front building strips are not built on. The awnings ensure that there are no temporary waiting facades and the offices have 3 facades with visibility and light entry. The overhanging canopies are also designed to fit in with future adjacent extensions.

Date: completed 2013

Program: New office building and renovation of a warehouse in Madrid. 

Client: Private

Surface: 1850 m²

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