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haute 275

The Marolles, a lively district in the heart of Brussels, is the subject of a series of housing developments framed under the Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract. In this context, Haute 275 focuses on the urban regeneration of a traditional urban block. A challenging goal within a superurban framework: to achieve a harmonious cohabitation between city functions: housing, working space, education and sports. For that purpose, the proposal colonizes the street front and top of the CPAS building with the housing volumes while maintaining a free access to the sports hall at the back. At the same time, a series of public urban scenarios take place along the plot, densifying the block and creating a dialog between public and private spaces. An open-plan workshop pends from the ceiling as the meeting point between both spatialities. All of it is contained by a dynamic window pane aimed to engage pedestrians into a new typology of urban fabric.

Program: social housing and public space

Client: Grondregie van de Stadseigendommen, Brussels

Surface: 977,16 m² social housing

               619,72 m² work and public                   space

icw Gutiérrez - de la Fuente arquitectos

Team: Stabiliteitsbureau Mouton, Technieken Tech 3, EPB Dirk de Groof

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