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The Lübeck site will play an important role in the transformation of the eastern part of Afrikalaan into an urban logistical district.


The proposed scheme is a robust framework that can be adapted to future needs - a form of resilient architecture.


The circulation, technical equipment and energy and water storage are introduced as independent elements between an arrangement of hyper-functional boxes. Future adjustments of infrastructural elements can happen without affecting the functionality of the spaces.

The clever combination of logistics flows will be part of new sustainability and mobility challenges that cities have to deal with it in the future.

By investing in a shared infrastructure for the depots of the city, a distribution center for bpost and urban agriculture, added value is created through co-siting.

Competition: First Prize

Program: logistics hub and city offices

Client: City of Ghent

Surface:  28512 m2 built and 9183 m2 landscape

Team: Omgeving cvba and Orientes bvba

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