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entrance area 
Campus Diepenbeek

Our proposal is conceived as a multi-layered infrastructure, based on the lifespan layers of circular building, though on the scale of a masterplan. An instrument with which future phases can be furthered elaborated based on key elements and opportunities. We focus on sustainable mobility to connect and reinforce a green Campus Boulevard that will link quality public spaces, buildings and functions. The entrance area to the campus is conceived as a hub, as an instrument to stimulate interaction between students, researchers, faculty members and visitors. The dimensions of the buildings define also how these interactions are made. The different programs are stacked and merged inside flexible buildings with an open structure. By bringing together all the main public programs into one specific area we achieve to create representativeness without proposing iconic buildings.

Program: entrance area for University Campus Diepenbeek

Client: Universiteit Hasselt 

Scale: Masterplan 

Location: Diepenbeek, Hasselt (Belgium)

i.c.w: Omgeving

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