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In the Port of Brussels, the metamorphosis of the canal zone is not accompanied by a withdrawal of port activities. The port activities in Brussels unfold within the existing sites and make use of the opportunity to get close to the city centre with inland navigation.


The construction materials village at the Vergotedok is an illustration of sustainable urban logistics. By distributing construction materials to the city and collecting construction waste from the city, the village functions as an important logistics and distribution hub between port and city. Rather than purchasing an eco-label as an individual building, the village is part of a larger urban ecosystem.

The modular and hierarchical structure of the warehouses makes the architecture receptive to different programmatic demands of various concession holders. 

Pictures (1-7): Filip Dujardin

Competition: First Prize


Program: construction material village

Client: Port of Brussels

Surface: 6.840 m2 (built) / 23.997 m2 (landscape)

Team: TETRA architecten, Stabiliteitsbureau Mouton, Technieken HP engineers, Landinzicht, ARA Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies 


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