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bom suceso

To build an ecological hotel, a 150-hectare site was purchased at the easternmost point of Brazil, close to João Pessoa, the capital of Paraíba. Twenty holiday pavilions must be provided and a main house in which the collective functions of the hotel (reception, restaurant, swimming pool, bar, spa and some hotel rooms) must be accommodated.


The site has exceptional landscape qualities. Located on the ocean with a natural beach (Mata Atlántica), a river, and an esplanade with palm trees and cliffs. The natural assets of the site have been used to create a logical and interesting location for the pavilions. A few starting points are: water transport by gravity (the water follows the path of least resistance through channels), positioning the walking paths on top of these channels (walking distances are the least tiring and the channels are easily accessible in the event of blockage or leak) and the use of the hill tops with maximum exposure for energy generation (wind and solar energy).

Date: 2009

Program: Main house + 20 pavilions

Client: Private

Surface: 4000 m²

Team: maker Architecten, ITA construtora, Sistema Engenharia (techniques).

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