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Comensia, a social cooperative for tenants, develops 26 social housing units on rue de l’Azur in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe. The project adopts a mediating position between two different urban tissues: at the one side four-storey high row houses and at the other side residential blocks of 12 storeys. The construction of two volumes results in a hybrid typology with a minimal footprint, maximising the interstitial spaces for collectivity and climate resilience. With the project, we want to be attentive to the green-blue infrastructure on both sides of the site. The green and water management develops synergies with the context and is used as an element of experience for residents and the surroundings. A rain garden and a blue-green roof create a landscape where space is made for water and vegetation and where new fauna and flora can nestle. The biodiversity of the site is given a new impetus.

First Prize Award 

Program: 26 social housing units, common facilities and landscape

Client: Comensia (social housing cooperative), Brussels. Belgium

Surface: 3.060,00 m² 

icw  Gutiérrez - de la Fuente arquitectos

Team: Stabiliteitsbureau Mouton, Technieken Cenergie, PS-Acoustics, EPB Dirk de Groof, Landscape Kollektif, Visualizations Drama

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