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zna middelheim

The conversion of the medical archives into offices on the ZNA Middelheim site is an opportunity to develop a global circular strategy for the entire hospital institution. By doing so, ZNA will not only significantly reduce the environmental impact of the works, but also the financial impact over time (reduced consumption and maintenance costs). Within this framework, the various materials used in the hospital can be assessed, mapped out and tracked in order to calculate, evaluate and optimise the impact over the entire life cycle of the buildings.

The result is the application of specific solutions in a modular, flexible and generic system that will serve as a basis for subsequent construction or renovation works within ZNA. 

At the planning and spatial level, multiple scenarios were sought to allow for programme and requirement changes. This is done with the help of a smart basic design, both in terms of architecture and technical equipment.

Photos: Frederik Van Allemeersch (1-6)

Program: office space

Client: ZNA Middelheim site, Antwerp

Surface: 850  m² 

icw Vector Haus ir-architecten

Team: Tecon Groep

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