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The house is conceived as two linked volumes with an in-between space. The combination of volumes makes it possible to split the house into two independent units in the future. Technical shafts have been split, the duplication of outdoor spaces and entrances are taken in consideration, and by adding a staircase in the interspace each volume can be accessed separately. This model tries to give an answer to a typical phenomenon in Belgium, in which older couples come to live alone in a house that is far too large when the children have left home. In this house, the parents can continue to live in their home in an efficient way (with the option of living on the ground floor), sharing it with other people or functions.

The structure consists of wooden columns and beams. No inner wall is load-bearing, making future changes easy to implement. When all the inner walls are removed, you have one big "plan libre" on both floors. The open structure has the potential to transform the house to other kinds of living/working relations in the future.

Program: dwelling

Client: private

Surface: 315 m² 

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