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missing link hub

The pavilion explores the possibilities of creating interaction between social and logistical life during the Architekturwoche Basel 2022. With the presence of construction and logistics companies, material shops, depots and education, the basis is in place for Dreispitz to become a mixed and varied urban district, with logistics and social activities forming an integrated part of the future urban fabric. Rather than a pavilion made of building materials, the stacking of building materials and the activities define the pavilion. It is conceived as a transfer centre for building materials, and at the same time it is a place where synergies are created between companies, with resources that are both tangible and intangible. It provides an impetus for a shared infrastructure in Dreispitz. It aims to be the missing link in the material life-cycle management of Basel.

Program: temporary pavilion for Architekturwoche Basel 2022

Client: Architekturwoche Basel 

Surface: 142 m² pavilion+surrounding landscape

Location: Dreispitz, Basel (Switzerland)

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