The context of the neoclassical architecture does not miss its effect on the visitor. The neoclassic disciples prefer representativeness above functionality. In the original destination of the building the stairwell was dimensioned to impress, not based on the number of passers-by. With the new use - a separate private unit in a divided huge bank building - the staircase certainly does the same. The disused, neoclassical staircase and the fake door openings impress all the more suggesting something what is no longer there.

The existing neoclassical architecture is a robust, serious, impressive and timeless frame. The additions to organize the medical practice in this context are situated on a different scale: light-footed, changeable, fragile and on a human scale. The elements keep the middle between furniture, box, paravent, display case and shrine.

Program: medical consultation in Gent.

Client: private 

Surface: 261 m²