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bar eliza

The Elisabethpark is characterized by tall trees, often old ones, special or monumental. The same way buildings create vertical references in an urban environment, the vertical layout and scale of the trees are the main features to determine the size and proportions of the new pavilion.


This vertical structure of the pavilion is visibly folded around the existing pillars like a shell. The façade is divided into sections and its panels open or close depending on the relationship with the outside space.The façade therefore becomes an active element. Storage space is integrated into the outer shell and also envelopes the more introverted functions.


Moreover, the accessibility from the outside towards the main areas of the bar generates  a perimeter flow around the volume that avoids unnecessary circulation inside the pavilion.


Competition: Second Prize

Program: offices, polyvalent space

Client: Municiality of Koekelberg / BIM 

Surface: 265 m²

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