net brussel 

The project – located along the Willebroek Canal in a fast-growing district of Brussels – has to satisfy the particular current needs of a waste collection company, while simultaneously being able to adapt to changing future circumstances. Addressing this double agenda, the project proposes a carefully designed framework that is both specific and general. Whereas its specificity pertains to the building’s integration in the urban fabric (establishing a green corridor between a residential neighborhood, a small park, a new courtyard, and a canal), its structure is functionally indeterminate, allowing the building to transform in time according to future needs. Its present function as a logistics hub for a garbage company stages its daily activities in the midst of a vibrant neighbourhood, foregrounding the co-dependence among seemingly incompatible functions in the city. 

Competition: First Prize

Program: parking for cleaning vehicles, social building and central green space.

Client: Net Brussel 

Surface: 2.600 m² social building 

              8.530 m² parking 

              2.000 m² green space