Bezoekerscentrum Haven van Gent

The port of Ghent was historically located in the city centre. Large-scale port developments have forced the port to leave the city, attenuating the bond between the citizens and the port. The choice to build a visitor’s centre at the point where the city meets the port fits with the strategy not to lose the connection with the city.


An atypical location, on the edge of the dock, was chosen. From building one looks 3 km far, straight into the belly of the harbour. This is a unique view because the view to the water in the port area is often obstructed by companies.

The building is situated in the midst of various traffic flows. It is a reference point between the trajectories of port cranes, mooring cruise ships, routes of port workers, car traffic on the ring road...

Competition: First Prize

Program: visitors center in the Port of Gent

Client: Havenbedrijf Gent nv

Surface: 783 m² / 2.076 m² (incl parking)